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Our Product Range

Explore our range of glass partitions and bespoke architectural glazing solutions 

Plant filled contemporary office space

Single Glazed Partitions

Functional, affordable, fast turnaround - ideal for office spaces

The Lizzanno single glazed partitions system is a competitively priced, well engineered and attractive range of glass partitions made in the UK.

A highly adaptable system, the single glazed range is commonly used in the design of meeting rooms and offices. The single glazed partitions have excellent acoustic properties making them suitable for a wide range of uses.

The single glazed Lz system can be installed with Lizzanno's own unique dry joint system and is compatible with the Double Glazed Lz system. These single glazed partitions can be installed with a range of sliding doors, timber doors, frameless and framed doors. They can also be fitted with Smart Glass on request for added privacy when required.


This product can be delivered for installation on projects throughout the UK with turnaround times from as little as 1-3 weeks, depending on the spec requested. 

Modern Office

Double Glazed Partitions

Durable, stylish, excellent acoustic properties - great for boardrooms and commercial spaces

The Lizzanno double glazed partitions system boasts exceptional acoustic properties and stunning, modern design.

The Double Glazed Lz product range offers an interior glazing solution which is competitively priced with well designed extrusions. It is also re-locatable, durable and attractive.

Often used in the design of boardrooms, offices and commercial spaces, the Double Glazed Lz range is a dry-jointed system which is also compatible with the single glazed range.

These flush-looking double glazed partitions can be fitted with glass doors, timber doors, double-glazed doors and sliding doors. Smart glass or integral blinds are also available as options for added privacy. Manifestations can be added to the glass to tie in with a company logo, preferred colour palette or interior design scheme. 

Business Meeting

Glass Balustrades and Balcony Glazing

Increased light, modern finish, make the most of your view

Whether for interior or exterior use, glass can be an incredibly stylish material for use in your next project. We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing glass balustrades for residential and commercial use.


We have also manufactured glazed panels for use in balconies across the UK. From small Juliet style balconies in home renovation projects to large wrap-around balconies on city skyscrapers, the glass and component list required for each project is designed at our offices in West Sussex, manufactured at our factory in North London and distributed across the country. 

Abstract Glass Building

Architectural Glazing & Fire Glass

Working with you to create specialist glazing for your next project 

Lizzanno has been designing and manufacturing bespoke glazing products for architects for decades. Yet we continue to receive new and challenging design briefs in this ever-evolving and more daring field.


Clients, whether residential or commercial, are always looking for that 'wow' factor. For something they have never seen before, a showstopper moment, an extra level of safety & innovation or an iconic piece of design; we help architects deliver that to their clients. 

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