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2023 Glass Design Trends

Glass is being used in increasingly creative ways in residential property as highlighted in a recent article by LoveProperty. The website picks out some of the most popular interior design trends of 2023 using architectural glass. 


 1.     Floor-to-ceiling facades

Floor-to-ceiling facades are entire walls of glass. Minimal framing and an ultra-slim finish add to their modern aesthetic. The full height invites the maximum amount of light into a space and can transform overlooked areas like corridors.


 2.     Picture windows

Named ‘picture windows’ due to the way that they frame views, these non-opening windows have one real purpose: allow in lots of light and uninterrupted external vistas. Whether your outlook is a cityscape, country or sea view, a picture window can really connect your interior with your surroundings.  


 3.     Internal glazed doors

Internal glazed doors allow you to separate rooms for privacy and noise control. Glass partitions can really enhance the finish of your interior spaces and increase brightness by allowing light to continue to flow through your property. 


4.     Corner windows

Glass corner windows are a great way to maximise the natural light in a home. This contemporary glazing element can add real wow-factor and turns unused wall space into something much more appealing. We expect wraparound corner windows to become even more popular into 2024. 

5.     Glass balustrades and balconies

Consider glass balustrades in properties which have a mezzanine floor or just where you want to increase light flow to a staircase. While also a strong and secure barrier, glass balustrades allow light through and instantly add a modern edge to any interior space. 

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