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Broken Plan Design Concepts: A Post-Pandemic Must Have

Homes & Gardens published a detailed article on how to replace internal walls with glass partitions to create a timeless design feature. The article explains that “glass partition walls are a clever way to break up spaces.”

Glass partition walls also present many advantages – they open a layout while keeping areas well defined and offer beautiful views from one room to another. Glass partition walls let the light flow through a property and are architecturally striking too.

‘Broken-plan’ living room ideas and kitchens have become the new, post-pandemic alternative to open-concept layouts. Open-plan living rooms and kitchens look great but do present issues such as noise and privacy, particularly with many people still working from home.

“Partition walls allow light to flow through a home while keeping homes warm and creating quiet zones says architect” Phil Coffey.

Interior decorator and architect Natalia Miyar explains: “I’m a big fan of glass divisions as they create a division of space without losing any light… one thing I look at early in the design process is zoning different areas as this will determine the lifestyle of the space and is fundamental to good design.”

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